The News Hub

The Team

Bob Marley - The Musician

Bob Marley is the heart and soul of the news team, providing constant energy and boost to morale.

Bob is Jamaican and is highly influential on modern music.

Bob is consistently producing high rating articles for our news company.

Eggplant - the food source

The eggplant is locally sourced - and used in many recipes amongst the team.

Bob prefers eggplant parmesian, while kevin likes it with a chocolate cake!

The ideal cooking of an eggplant is a source of violent debate among the team, but it will never break their bond.

Kevin Malone - The morale support

Kevin grew up in Scranton, PA and later moved into the Dunder Mifflin paper company.

However, following his days in Scranton, Kevin moved to New York to work at the Howard Observer.

Yoda - the wise one

Yoda is old and very wise.

For much of his life, Yoda has overseen the training of thousands of jedi.

His experience in the field gives the observer inside info on the galactic republic.